EPCIC and Project Management

We are always trying to be market leader in the selection of products range that can provide best possible solutions to our end users. Our core product range consist of below categories:

  • Engineering Services for Topside Modification
  • Engineering Consultancy for Pipeline
  • Fabrication Work and Installations of Piping Products and Steel Structure
  • Design, Fabrication of Skid, installation, hook-up and commissioning projects
  • Electrical, Instrumentations and Control System Commissioning
  • Site Decommissioning, Disassembly, Workshop Repair, Site Assembly and Start-Up • Blasting and Painting Services
  • Scaffolding Material and Works
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation and Reinforcement
  • Pipeline Cleaning, Brushing and Pigging
  • Nitrogen Purging / Packing of Piping / Pipeline and Pressure Vessel
  • Piping and Equipment Insulation and Wrapping
  • Bolt Torque and Tensioning
  • Pneumatic and Hydrostatic Testing
  • Specialist Support — Engineers, Technicians, Etc.